Proelefsis is one of the 39 startup agri-food companies selected in the National Startup Registry.

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The National Startup Registry is the official record of startups in Greece. The Registry aims to monitor the progress of such enterprises by monitoring specific KPIs; the aim of the Registry is to support startups through benefits and assistance, and to serve as a reliable resource for investors from Greece and abroad!

International visibility, support measures by the authorities, funding, networking opportunities, updates and openings are some of the benefits of entering the National Startup Registry.

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Innovation and scalability were the main key factors for choosing startups.

According to data, 39 start-up agri-food companies have been registered in the register, with more than 227 employees, the total funding have received from investment funds exceeds 15.45 million euros and the main technology that is applied is the IoT (Internet of Things).

Proelefsis was evaluated succesfully and entered the National Startup Registry.

The solution that Proelefsis offers via Food Traceability Platform provides a reliable Traceability System under the auspices of Farm to Fork Strategy with an advanced condition monitoring system, which leverages the benefits of Blockchain Technology. It is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) for every supply chain vendor and works as a complementary and independent system that is able to communicate with existing ERP and machinery, with customizable APIs, and provide trustworthy food data to all supply chain vendors in both batch and product-level with no need to invest in sophisticated equipment.

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Our company is registered in the Greek startup ecosystem “Elevate Greece”


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