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Proelefsis Food Platform empowers food producers & brands to make the sourcing and impact behind their products transparent
while providing them the tools to better manage their business. 

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Designed and built for
small-scale farmers just like you.

Digital Records

Stay Organized With Digital Field Records. No more handwrite notes for your farming business.

Activity Calendar

Easily log field work in one place such as tillage, seeding, fertilizing, and spraying.

Real Time monitoring

Monitor you crop conditions such as weather, soil moisture, and more from your pc or your phone.


Promote and sell your products online, reach new customers without any extra effort.

Booking Experiences

Open your farm to people with booking system for day tours or stay in your facilities.

Market Prices

Stay up-do-date regarding global wholesales prices and make better decisions.

Build trust with data-driven product traceability

Communicate your sustainable production practices to shoppers and the story behind your product in a clear and comprehensive way.

Case Studies

Transform your farming business today.


We are a small unconventional farming business based in Kyparissia in Southern Greece. Our products are naturally of top quality, but it is our spirit that differentiates from the crowd. Proelefsis Food Platform provides us with all the tools we need to showcase our products to consumers and at the same time better manage our farming business.

Nikos Adamopoulos
Co-Founder, Brothers In Farms

Transform your farming business today.

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Our company is registered in the Greek startup ecosystem “Elevate Greece”


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