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What we do

Proelefsis Energy provides Data-Driven Operation and Maintenance Solutions for PV solar parks & rooftop systems.

Operating in 
Commercial and Utility Scale solar plants, we offer service for all types of projects – on ground, rooftops, and floating – for sophisticated O&M companies and asset managers.

We increase your solar installation’s ROI, eliminating the short- and long-term financial losses of soiling on panels, and getting your panels back to top performance for higher production.


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Daily PV Production

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PV Plant Packages

We provide a comprehensive suite of solar PV solutions that can optimize a wide range of project applications.

Utility-Scale Solar

Full range of O&M solutions for Grid Connected , Large Scale plants. Services cover the complete lifecycle of PV Plants including advanced services like BOS assessment and Remote Management, Dynamic Power Control and Advanced Analytics. Saas and On-demand delivery options are available.

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Commercial & Industrial

Comprehensive array of solutions and services for mid-size commercial PV Plants. Our solutions support a wide array of O&M needs, including Environmental Monitoring, Performance monitoring, Aerial Inspections and cleaning. Saas and On-demand delivery options are available.

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For small and residential PV Installation we offer a range of services focused on preventative maintenance and repairs. Services include on-site inspections, cleaning, landscaping and a host of monitoring services targeting flawless operation.
On-demand delivery options with SaaS options available on request.

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Solutions & Services

Solution as a Service

Subscription based model with customisable packages of services ideal for large scale PV farms and multi-PV farm operators.

Ad-Hoc Services

Ad-hoc delivery of services ideal for small scale PV farms and residential customers.

Global Presence

AI Powered Solar Inspection & Analytics

 We are working exclusively with a leading provider of Automated AI/ML-based solutions, covering E2E all the stages of Asset Lifecycle Management.

  • Thermographic Inspections (IEC TS 62446-3 compliance)
  • Hyper Resolution Inspections (Sub- Millimetre  ultra high-definition visual inspection)
  • Shadow Analysis (Shadow impact caused by surrounding  Vegetation)
  • Real-Time Thermographic Follow-Up Inspections (Real-TIme Defect Detection)
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Main Office Proelefsis Technologies

Address: Syrou 82, 13123, Athens, Greece

Phone: +30 698 574 8657

Email: info@proelefsis.com

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